Making Healthcare Work Better

HealthWorks is dedicated to assisting healthcare organizations with valuation services, litigation support, trauma center planning, hospital-physician transactions and hospital and physician business planning.

We also assist healthcare law firms with expert witness, trial presentation and other related services for hospital/healthcare group legal matters.

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Physicians Compensation Agreements: Ensuring They Comply with Federal Regulations & Reflect Fair Market Value

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Ensuring They Comply with Federal
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Our clients have relied on HealthWorks for expert witness services for over 10 years, knowing that we deliver high-quality services cost-effectively.


We are recognized as leading experts in healthcare valuation services with clients across the U.S.


HealthWorks is one of three valuation and litigation firms in the U.S. to specialize in trauma center development, business planning and operational improvement.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

We challenge leaders to consider alternatives that include bold and innovative visions for market position, which are supported by sound financial projections.

Hospital-Physician Integration

HealthWorks specializes in assisting hospitals and physicians that want to improve performance by increased integration.

What We Believe

We believe that the key to making anything work better, including our healthcare system, is to wake up every day with a focus on doing what matters. We believe that hospitals and physicians working more closely together matters, and that such work must be supported by fair compensation models that align interests.

As emergency, trauma, and critical care inpatients utilize a growing proportion of inpatient resources, we believe that hospitals must operate at peak efficiency levels and deliver better quality in these areas. Lastly, we believe that hospitals and health plans must continue to collaborate to develop payment methods that incent efficient, high-quality care, at amounts that are fair given the value being exchanged.

How We Do It

We work with you, combining our market insights, analytics and proven methods with your internal knowledge, to develop and implement the most practical data-driven solutions.

We emphasize collaboration between physicians and hospital leaders, by identifying common interests and designing solutions that align incentives and promote synergy. We are known for our clear, common sense presentation of data about markets, organizations, and best practices. We engage your team in previews of our work product to make refinements, bringing clarity, consensus and improved decision-making to each situation.

Who We Serve

Our 20-plus year client experience includes over 280 organizations across the U.S. including tertiary and academic medical centers, trauma centers, as well as community and rural hospitals.

In addition, our experience encompasses multi-hospital healthcare systems, and integrated delivery systems, multi-specialty and single-specialty medical groups, law firms, and managed care health plans.

  • Tertiary and academic medical centers, community hospitals and rural hospitals
  • Multi-hospital healthcare systems
  • Trauma centers
  • Physician groups
  • Law firms
  • Managed care health plans