Trial Strategy Services


Trial Strategy Services

Case strategy consulting provides an opportunity to assess and develop the overall trial strategy, drawing upon years of healthcare provider trial consulting experience of HealthWorks. Experience comes from handling thousands of criminal and civil cases involving hospitals, physicians, and medical groups.

HealthWorks handles defense and plaintiff cases, which gives us a unique perspective. Thanks to the substantial expertise body, we offer counsel with the facts to make adjustments early during the discovery process. Case strategy consultation also assists counsel in determining whether pre-trial research is required, and if so, recommend the most appropriate research type.

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The Process

The trial strategy session is a collaborative process with the focus of developing a case narrative, language, and themes that motivate and equip the trier. We can easily switch the agenda to fulfill specific requirements for arbitration, jury trial, meditation, or bench trial.

During the consultative session, our experts help you:

  • Identify core case weaknesses and strengths, and integrate them into the case’s narrative
  • Develop compelling case theories and themes
  • Plan exhibits for persuasive demonstration
  • Create a detailed story covering everything from case preparation to presentation
  • Outline the most critical case elements
  • Focus case discovery efforts on key factors
  • Assess extra requirements in the form of an action plan and recommendations

Providing Direction

Our services enable counsel to get reactions and recommendations from experienced trial consultants cost-effectively. Each consultation session may focus on:
  • Developing the best case themes and trial strategies
  • Outlining the format for an effective opening state and closing argument
  • Examination of unique or special issues in the case
  • Providing perspective of how the jury may receive the case at trial
  • Assessing case strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving trial visuals and presentation style

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Trial strategy consultation is more effective during the early stages of preparing for trial. It helps guide the research and consulting, but you can benefit from the feedback and analysis during litigation. We transform boxes of fact-filled documents into a relevant story that jurors understand why they ought to care, know what happened, and why you should win.

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